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More feedback, please

USPS wants to measure customers’ experiences

Fayetteville, AR, Retail Associate Linda Allmendinger
Fayetteville, AR, Retail Associate Linda Allmendinger encourages customers to provide USPS with feedback on their transactions.

Retail Associate Linda Allmendinger knows the most important part of her job is ensuring each customer has a good experience.

She also knows it’s important to get feedback from the people she serves.

This is why Allmendinger, who works at the Fayetteville, AR, Post Office, encourages customers to complete the point-of-sale survey at the bottom of each receipt. The surveys provide USPS with useful data that helps the organization measure satisfaction, a key driver of revenue growth.

“I try to make each customer feel as if they are part of my family,” Allmendinger said, adding that when she and her co-workers receive positive feedback from the survey, it helps motivate them to keep delivering excellent experiences.

The Postal Service wants employees throughout the organization to regularly seek customer feedback, part of a broader emphasis on collecting data that can be used to improve performance.

“Our retail associates and Postmasters serve millions of customers across the nation each day,” said Acting Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Jacqueline Krage Strako. “Each transaction represents an opportunity to learn how we can better serve the customer and grow our business.”

In addition to collecting data from point-of-sale surveys, the Postal Service wants employees to seek direct feedback from customers and respond accordingly.

Livingston, MT, Postmaster Daniel Crane recalled a recent transaction in which he helped a woman and her siblings who had questions about handling their elderly mother’s mail.

“Whenever I see that customer, she lets everyone know how much we helped [her family] and how happy she was with [our service],” Crane said.

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