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Mariah Seegmiller, Northglenn, CO

Northglenn, CO, Letter Carrier Mariah Seegmiller
Northglenn, CO, Letter Carrier Mariah Seegmiller

Letter Carrier Mariah Seegmiller was recently delivering mail in a Northglenn, CO, neighborhood when she spotted a toddler wandering around by himself.

Seeing no signs of a caregiver, Seegmiller called 911 and comforted the 2-year-old until emergency responders arrived.

Investigators determined that the child’s parents were incarcerated and had placed him in the care of friends who were neglecting him.

“Mariah’s caring concern and the ability to see the danger and correct it immediately may have saved the life of this child,” said Northglenn Customer Services Supervisor Natalie Victoria.

The boy is awaiting adoption while in protective custody.

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