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On the job: Pittsburgh Master Facilitator Gerry Papariella

Pittsburgh Master Facilitator Gerry Papariella
Gerry Papariella, a master facilitator for the clerk craft, helps train retail associates throughout Western Pennsylvania District.

I’m Western Pennsylvania District’s master facilitator for the clerk craft, which means I travel throughout the district training retail associates.

I’m also an acting human resources specialist responsible for coordinating training for retail associates at the district level.

I’m based at the Pittsburgh Processing and Distribution Center, but on any given day, I could be at one of several hundred Post Offices throughout the district giving classroom or on-the-job training. You might also find me certifying other instructors at one of three retail associates academies.

To prepare for my classes, I update each course’s PowerPoint slides with new information, make copies of handouts, set up the classroom, and perform all necessary administrative duties.

The Postal Service has renewed its focus on employee training, which is a good thing. There are now curriculums for all customer service personnel, from craft through management.

I honestly believe that training is the foundation for anybody’s career. If you give them knowledge and confidence in their abilities, then they will be able to succeed. It makes the organization better.

My favorite part of the job is helping people. I think all instructors do the job because we really enjoy helping others.

I started with the Postal Service when I was appointed as a relief Postmaster in 1984, and then I became a career employee in 1987. Working for USPS has been has been a good career move because there just aren’t that many corporations that offer the kind of security and opportunity the Postal Service does.

While I am eligible for retirement, I’m going to hang in there for a few more years. My husband is also a postal employee, and we want to retire together.

In my spare time I like landscaping, gardening and working on home improvement projects.

Zip-lining is also a hobby of mine. I’ve always been adventurous — I just like the speed.

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