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Walvic Liciaga, Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL, Letter Carrier Walvic Liciaga
Orlando, FL, Letter Carrier Walvic Liciaga

Letter Carrier Walvic Liciaga was recently delivering mail in an Orlando, FL, neighborhood when he detected a strong odor of gas at a customer’s home.

Liciaga knocked on the door, and when the customer answered, he suggested that the man contact the gas company right away.

Two weeks later, the customer saw the Postal Service employee again and tearfully hugged him.

The man explained that workers found multiple leaks in the line, which had put his family at risk during cold weather when their gas heater was in use.

“Had you not knocked at my door and alerted me to the situation, the story could have been much different,” the grateful customer told Liciaga.

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