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‘Always busy’

Military Post Office keeps mail moving

Marine sits at desk, completing postal paperwork
Lance Cpl. Kishawra Barrettpearson completes a pick-up slip recently at the Camp Foster Post Office in Okinawa, Japan.

Most mornings, the first semi-trucks arrive at 8 to drop off the mail at Camp Foster, a Marine Corps base in Okinawa, Japan.

Sgt. Montonio Kenan prefers to say the trucks deliver morale.

“Postal to me is a morale booster,” Kenan recently told DVIDS, a military news site. “I have deployed and have seen how Marines react to seeing that … letter that just says ‘I love you’ from family. That’s what we do, we bring them this morale.”

Kenan is one of the military postal clerks stationed at Camp Foster, home to what some describe as the Marine Corps’ busiest Post Office. He’s one of the many members of the armed forces whose contributions are being recognized in May, which is Military Appreciation Month.

With thousands of Marines and their families living on base and in the region, it’s not unusual for the Camp Foster Post Office to receive multiple deliveries of mail and packages each day.

“We are always busy,” Kenan said.

When they aren’t processing mail, Kenan and the other Marine postal clerks provide all of the services of a regular Post Office, including dealing with many of the issues that their USPS counterparts also address.

“Customers come in and ask where their package is, or ask why their tracking number says that it was delivered when it hasn’t been. It is our job to help them understand the situation,” said Lance Cpl. Kishawra Barrettpearson, another postal clerk.

“We do whatever we can to help the customers,” she said.

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