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Stamp updates

Lennon artwork, new releases announced

The Music Icons: John Lennon stamp pane features a 1974 photograph that is treated with different color gradations.

The Postal Service has unveiled new artwork for its forthcoming Music Icons: John Lennon stamp and announced additional releases for 2018.

The Music Icons stamp, to be released Sept. 7, features a 1974 photograph of Lennon and will be available in panes of 16. The stamps are treated with different color gradations, going from yellow-orange on the top row to red and purple in the middle and blue on the bottom row.

The pane is designed to resemble a vintage 45-rpm record sleeve with an image of a record peeking out the top. The other side of the pane shows a black-and-white photograph of Lennon seated at a white piano with his signature and the Music Icons logo.

USPS also has announced Honoring First Responders, a stamp that recognizes the firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical service professionals who respond to critical situations. A release date has not been announced.

Additionally, the organization has announced $1, $2 and $5 Statue of Freedom stamps that will be released June 27.

Other release dates for previously announced stamps include: O Beautiful (July 4), World War I: Turning the Tide (July 27), The Art of Magic (Aug. 7), Dragons (Aug. 9) and Birds in Winter (Sept. 22).

The Postal Service’s news release and media advisory have additional information.

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