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Carrie McDermott, Hanson, MA

Hanson, MA, Rural Carrier Associate Carrie McDermott
Hanson, MA, Rural Carrier Associate Carrie McDermott

Rural Carrier Associate Carrie McDermott had only been on the job for about three months when she recently encountered an emergency in a Hanson, MA, neighborhood.

McDermott was delivering packages when she heard the sound of a smoke detector coming from a house across the street.

She investigated and soon saw flames, so she immediately called 911.

The Postal Service employee also spotted a woman who remained inside the home as it quickly filled with smoke.

McDermott rescued the resident, who is in her 80s and has Alzheimer’s disease, and guided her to safety.

“Her actions clearly prevented a tragedy,” the local fire chief told the Boston Fox station, which covered a town council meeting where McDermott was recognized for her bravery.

Emergency responders also saved two dogs inside the house, which sustained heavy damage.

McDermott credits her husband, Josh, a firefighter in a neighboring jurisdiction, for encouraging her to stay alert to life-threatening situations where she can make a difference.

He was proudly in the audience the night she was commended for doing precisely that.

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