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Heidi Wiederspahn, Sandy, UT

USPS Letter Carrier Heidi Wiederspahn
Florence Stuck and Sandy, UT, Letter Carrier Heidi Wiederspahn

Letter Carrier Heidi Wiederspahn was recently delivering mail in Sandy, UT, when she grew concerned about a residential customer, Florence Stuck, whose mail was piling up.

Wiederspahn knew that the sight of Stuck’s car in the driveway normally meant she was at home, but she didn’t respond when the Postal Service employee knocked on the front door to check on her.

After three days, Wiederspahn stopped by Stuck’s home again after work, and this time there was a response to her knock: The customer cried out that she’d fallen and desperately needed help.

Wiederspahn called 911 and stayed on the scene until emergency responders arrived and took Stuck to a hospital, where she spent several days prior to being transferred to a physical rehabilitation center for two weeks before returning home.

“I see the people on my route five days a week,” said Wiederspahn. “She’s like my grandma. I felt something was wrong, and doing nothing is just not in my nature. You do good for people. That’s the way I was taught.”

Sandy Postmaster Gordon Glenn praised Wiederspahn for her selfless response to the situation.

“She didn’t hesitate to go on her own time and make sure this customer was safe and taken care of,” he said.

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