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Margaret Tousseau, Sunnyvale, CA

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Sunnyvale, CA, Letter Carrier Margaret Tousseau

Letter Carrier Margaret Tousseau was recently delivering mail in a Sunnyvale, CA, neighborhood when she noticed smoke inside a home.

Tousseau knocked on the front door and rang the bell, but got no response from the woman who lives there, so she immediately alerted a neighbor.

When the resident couldn’t be reached by telephone, 911 was called.

Emergency responders discovered that the woman had fallen and couldn’t get up, while food was burning on her stove.

Another resident, Jocelyn Warner, later mailed a letter to the local Postmaster.

“Thanks to the alert mail lady, our neighbor’s life was saved and a possible block fire was prevented,” Warner wrote.

She added: “Please give her our sincere appreciation. Mail carriers are a valuable service to our community.”

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