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Kun Kim, San Antonio

San Antonio Letter Carrier Kun Kim
San Antonio Letter Carrier Kun Kim

Letter Carrier Kun Kim was recently delivering mail in a San Antonio neighborhood when he saw customer Mark Hencke in his front yard.

Everything seemed fine at first, then Hencke suddenly collapsed.

Kim immediately called 911 and stayed with Hencke until emergency responders arrived.

Soon after returning home from a 19-day hospital stay, the customer mailed a letter to the local Postmaster, praising Kim for his assistance.

“I owe my life to him,” Hencke wrote, adding that a seizure and other medical issues converged that day, according to his medical team, and any delay in care would have likely proved fatal.

“Further, I would like to commend him for being a friendly and conscientious mail carrier who is not only timely but an overall good guy. We speak almost daily.”

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