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Rising to the occasion

Postmaster urges employees to generate revenue

Roy, UT, Postmaster pictured with employees
Roy, UT, Postmaster Kade Bambrough, far right, is promoting sales leads programs with help from employees like Griseth Andrade, a retail associate, and letter carriers Mark Redford and Loren Clark.

Kade Bambrough likes a challenge.

This is why the Roy, UT, Postmaster is urging his employees to help USPS generate sales leads by talking with customers about the organization’s products and services.

“After one of our daily safety huddles, I challenged everyone to get just one lead,” Bambrough said. “I explained to my co-workers that this is our business, and we all need to take part in generating revenue for the organization that provides us with a paycheck.”

To encourage employees across the nation to make lead generation a priority, USPS recently launched #LEADtheWay, an initiative to raise awareness of sales leads programs and how they contribute to the Postal Service’s bottom line.

Bambrough led his team by example by challenging himself to meet his own target for the Business Connect program. He met 100 percent of his goal.

The rest of his team members exceeded expectations as well, surpassing their targets for the Rural Reach, Customer Connect and Clerks Care sales lead programs.

The Sales Blue page has more information about USPS employee lead programs.

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