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Michael Kuszewski, Worcester, MA

Mail Processing Clerk Michael Kuszewski
Worcester, MA, Mail Processing Clerk Michael Kuszewski

Mail Processing Clerk Michael Kuszewski was on duty recently in Worcester, MA, when a co-worker became ill.

The man collapsed, suffering a head injury that left him bleeding profusely.

While 911 was called, another colleague located Kuszewski — who also has EMT training — and enlisted his help, which he did not hesitate to provide.

Kuszewski rendered first aid to slow the bleeding and keep the man alert until an ambulance arrived and he was taken to a hospital, where his injury required more than a dozen staples.

An emergency room physician told the man he was fortunate to have Kuszewski’s assistance, because the blood loss could have otherwise proved fatal.

The man recovered from the incident and is back on the job.

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