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Best practices: Promoting workplace safety

April Jackson, a letter carrier technician and safety coordinator at Columbia Heights Station in Washington, DC, helps keep co-workers informed on safety matters.

When it comes to employee safety, April Jackson wants everyone to get on board.

Jackson, a Washington, DC, letter carrier technician, makes sure all safety bulletin boards are neat and up to date at Columbia Heights Station, where she works.

“Having an organized safety bulletin board encourages more employee engagement,” says Jackson, who’s also a safety coordinator at the facility.

Jackson regularly inspects the boards to make sure they don’t fall into disarray. She also ensures they display the latest announcements, posters and other documents.

“Safe workers like to stay up to date,” Jackson says. “Employees know that a serious workplace injury can change lives forever.”

Jackson also ensures safety captains deliver daily service talks — and then she makes sure the scripts get posted on the boards.

Postal Service leaders say bulletin boards, along with other measures, help keep safety messages front and center in USPS workplaces.

It may be low-tech, but it works.

Says Jackson: “It’s a great way to provide information and improve communication.”

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