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Retirement choices

Understanding TSP investment options

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Experts say USPS employees who aren’t contributing at least 5 percent of their pay to the Thrift Savings Plan are throwing away free money.

Are you allowing uncertainties about how to invest your money keep you from taking advantage of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)?

If so, here’s some advice: Don’t.

Investing in TSP is easy, experts say. They note the plan is made up of five core funds that you can mix and match.

If you aren’t sure which fund to choose, you can invest in a Lifecycle fund — or “L-fund” — that is professionally designed based on when you’ll need your money. Experts recommend selecting the L-fund closest to the year you plan to retire.

If you’re already contributing 5 percent of your pay, you might want to consider contributing a little more. In 2018, you can contribute as much as $18,500. If you’re 50 or older, you can contribute up to $24,500 with catch-up contributions.

If you aren’t contributing at least 5 percent, experts say you aren’t getting the Postal Service’s full match and you’re throwing away free money.

Use PostalEASE on LiteBlue to view or change your TSP contributions. You’ll need your employee identification number and password.

To learn more about each TSP fund and to make changes to how your contributions are invested, use

The Financial Wellness LiteBlue page has videos and other resources to help you prepare for retirement. The TSP site also has information.

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