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Jane and Glenn Bills, Blue River, OR

Smiling man, woman stand inside Post Office work room
Blue River, OR, highway contract route drivers Glenn and Jane Bills

Jane and Glenn Bills of Blue River, OR, have more in common than being married. They’re both highway contract route drivers for the Postal Service, and they both recently went out of their way to help others in moments of need.

Jane had stopped to fuel up while delivering mail. The attendant fell while operating the pump — injuring herself and quickly becoming soaked in gas.

Jane called 911 and followed the operator’s instructions to immediately render first aid, including hosing down the woman to minimize chemical burns to her skin.

Several weeks later, Glenn was delivering mail on a cold day when he spotted an unconscious man in a ditch beside a highway.

Glenn called 911 and enlisted passersby to provide spare clothing to help warm up the man while emergency responders made their way to the rural location.

“They’re great people,” local Postmaster Cristina Risa told the ABC station in Eugene, OR.

Glenn succinctly summed up their philosophy: “Stop and help people, that’s all there is to it.”

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