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Antonio Colon, Chino, CA

Uniformed man smiling inside Post Office
Chino, CA, Letter Carrier Antonio Colon

Chino, CA, Letter Carrier Antonio Colon was recently delivering mail at a senior apartment complex when he was alarmed to hear a woman crying out for help, in both English and Spanish.

Colon quickly located the 90-year-old customer’s residence, where he discovered the door open and a man attempting to assault her.

The Postal Service employee safely intervened — ordering the suspect to stop, calling 911 and ensuring that the man remained on the scene until police arrived.

“Antonio went above and beyond the call of duty when he sprang into action,” Santa Ana District Manager Eduardo Ruiz said later at a ceremony where Colon received a commendation letter.

“We’re all very hard workers. I think we’re all superheroes here,” Colon told the local NBC station.

“I’m just glad she’s OK.”

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