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Grady Sharps and Jalel Fykes, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC, letter carriers Grady Sharps, left, and Jalel Fykes

Letter carriers Grady Sharps and Jalel Fykes recently crossed paths while delivering mail at a Charlotte, NC, shopping center. As they exchanged pleasantries, a shout pierced the air:

“Call 911! My husband passed out!”

Sharps and Fykes soon spotted the shoppers who were in crisis — a man and a woman desperate for help at their parked car.

The Postal Service employees rushed to the couple’s aid, started CPR in the car, then followed a 911 dispatcher’s instructions to move the man to the ground before resuming resuscitation efforts.

Emergency responders arrived and took over. They revived the man and credited Sharps and Fykes for their prompt, life-saving assistance.

“We are so happy he is alive,” Fykes said later. “I truly thank God for putting us at that place, at that time.”

Added Sharps: “I do not believe we are heroes. We’re just two people with good hearts who value life and tried to help.”

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