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CARM is postal focal point for audits

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The Postal Service wants to help departments cooperate with federal auditors who review spending and performance.

The Postal Service has a message for employees whose departments are being audited by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) or the Government Accountability Office (GAO):

Don’t panic.

If you’re asked to provide information to OIG or GAO, contact the USPS Corporate Audit and Response Management (CARM) team. Its members can help you.

The Postal Service cooperates with OIG and GAO, two independent agencies that review federal spending and performance. However, CARM must coordinate the postal response to all audits, as well as OIG and GAO inquiries on operations, policies and procedures.

You should copy CARM on all email correspondence with OIG and GAO. You also should ensure the vice president or senior executive who oversees your department is aware of the audit and has an opportunity to review any responses deemed necessary.

OIG also conducts investigations into possible legal, regulatory and policy violations. CARM isn’t involved in this process, so you shouldn’t contact the CARM team unless an OIG investigator instructs you to do so.

When contacted by an investigator, you should promptly provide any information requested. If you’re unsure if the inquiry relates to an audit or an investigation, you should ask.

If you have questions or concerns, email them to and a team member will respond.

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