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Keeping up appearances

Best practices: Dressing for success

Worcester, MA, Letter Carrier John Magliaro
Worcester, MA, Letter Carrier John Magliaro takes pride in his appearance.

John Magliaro likes to look good.

For 50 years, the Worcester, MA, letter carrier has shined his shoes, put on a tie and delivered the mail. He believes that as a face of the Postal Service in his community, he should always look his best.

“I take pride in my uniform,” Magliaro says.

When he began his postal career in 1968, the uniform included a policeman-style hat and badge. Today, he does his job wearing the contemporary, standard issue uniform — but always with a tie. Magliaro is one of a handful of carriers in the area who still dons neckwear.

“I love to dress up,” he says.

Employees who want to learn more about uniform requirements should talk to their supervisors and consult the Employee and Labor Relations Manual, which is available on

Magliaro takes the job of being a public servant seriously, making sure that he always looks sharp for the more than 665 customers on his route. He credits his commitment to USPS to his upbringing.

“I’ve been fortunate,” he says. “My father instilled a good work ethic in me.”

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