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Miles ahead

Carrier receives prestigious driving award

Postal worker sits behind wheel in delivery vehicle
San Antonio Letter Carrier Arturo Gomez was recently recognized for driving 2 million miles without an at-fault accident.

It isn’t unusual for longtime Postal Service employees to be honored for driving 1 million miles without causing an accident, but 2-million milers are rarer.

Arturo Gomez just joined the club.

The National Safety Council recently recognized Gomez, a letter carrier at Laurel Heights Station in San Antonio, for driving more than 40 years, or approximately 2 million miles, without a preventable accident.

He said paying attention is the secret to his success.

“I deliver to a busy medical center area, so I always watch for pedestrians, who sometimes have other things on their mind,” Gomez said.

Marcel Polanco, San Antonio’s office in charge, said Gomez and employees like him reflect the Postal Service’s commitment to safety.

“Safe driving is no accident,” Polanco said. “The safety of our employees is our top priority, and we are proud that our comprehensive safe driver training program is second to none.”

In addition to being observant, Gomez said he takes his time, avoids distractions and always checks his vehicle’s brakes and signal lights before taking it out on the road.

“Ultimately, I want to get home to my family safely at the end of the work day,” he said.

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