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Show and tell

Employee ‘shadows’ district manager for day

SC shadow
Batesburg-Leesville, SC, City Carrier Assistant Antonio Brunson, seated, reviews a report with Greater South Carolina District Manager Darryl Martin.

Antonio Brunson used to wonder how Postal Service leaders spent a typical day.

Now he knows.

Brunson, a Batesburg-Leesville, SC, city carrier assistant, recently spent a day “shadowing” Greater South Carolina District Manager Darryl Martin. Brunson observed Martin as he attended meetings, interacted with employees and met with customers.

“Not everyone is willing to take time out of their hectic work schedule to help someone pursue their career aspirations,” said Brunson, who asked Martin if he could shadow him when the two met at a USPS career conference last year.

“Mr. Martin is helping me determine which route to take for my future with the Postal Service. By giving me this opportunity, he has opened the door to important career and life decisions.”

Shadowing has become a popular way for employees to learn about other jobs in USPS. Last year, several Chicago District craft employees shadowed managers and supervisors in the district office as well as a local plant, while 45 Greater Indiana District workers were selected from a pool of 500 applicants to participate in a “shadow day” activity.

Martin is impressed with employees who take the initiative to learn about career opportunities in the Postal Service.

“Some may wonder why no one has realized their value,” Martin said. “That won’t change if you’re sitting around waiting for someone to notice your potential. Instead, show people what you’re worth by demonstrating your skills in your current position and ask for an opportunity.”

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