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USPS plans change-of-address push

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USPS wants more customers to submit change-of-address orders online.

The Postal Service is planning a promotional campaign to encourage more customers to submit change-of-address requests through

The goal is to show that it’s fast and easy to change an address online.

Customers submitted 36.8 million change-of-address requests last year, including more than 16 million requests through Online requests rose 3 percent year-to-year — a number the Postal Service wants to boost.

“We want to drive the right behavior. Every change-of-address customer that we take out of the retail line helps the next retail customer get through the line,” said William Bentley, a business alliance acting manager at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

The promotional campaign will run during the May-July peak moving season. The effort will include Post Office lobby posters that customers can scan with smartphones to digitally submit change-of-address forms.

“The posters will help cut down the retail line and teach customers how to submit change-of-address forms in a much quicker way that’s more convenient to them,” Bentley said.

The campaign will also feature advertising on social media that includes coupon offers for as much as $750 in move-related discounts. Facebook users who have been identified as likely to move will see the online change-of-address ads in their news feeds. has more information on submitting change-of-address requests.

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