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Delivering the message

Video touts business customers

Places video
“New Places,” a new video from USPS, is available on the organization’s YouTube channel.

“New Places,” a new video from the Postal Service, shows how the organization works with business customers to deliver their messages.

“We work with printers, mail houses and over 1 million retailers to send over half a billion pieces of mail every day, making sure every message gets to where it needs to be,” the narrator says.

The 1-minute production includes scenes from recent TV ads that show a variety of business customer logos on USPS vehicles to symbolize how the organization becomes an extension of the brands it serves.

“We don’t just feature our employees in our advertising, we feature you, too,” the narrator says. “After all, your customers don’t just love USPS. They love what we connect them with — you.”

“New Places” and other USPS videos can be viewed on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel. Some employees are unable to stream video from external sites on postal computers.

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