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Say it ain’t snow!

USPS delivers during winter’s last gasp

Man clears snow from vehicle's windshield
Ezequiel “Zeke” De Jesus Torres, a letter carrier in Buffalo, NY, clears snow from a delivery vehicle last week.

Spring is around the corner, but don’t tell that to Old Man Winter.

Several states have experienced major snowfalls this month, including New England, which has been pounded by three big storms during the past three weeks.

USPS has continued to deliver mail and packages in areas where it’s safe to do so, although some Post Offices and other facilities have closed temporarily due to power outages and impassable roads.

“Everybody is stepping up and doing what they have to do to deliver the mail. We have a great workforce,” said John J. White, customer services supervisor in Salem, NH, where more than 2 feet of snow fell this week.

Other states that have experienced significant snowfalls this month include Delaware, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

It isn’t over, either: Forecasters predict the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions could see more snow from March 20-21. Customers can check the USPS Service Alerts site for the latest updates.

Despite the challenges, employees are rising to the occasion.

Letter carriers are continuing to deliver mail in Buffalo, NY, one of the nation’s snowiest cities this winter.

“These guys are great,” said Cheryl Rogers, customer services supervisor at East Side Station. “There’s no complaining. They just go out there and do what they do to get it done.”

At the Salem Post Office, three letter carriers — William Troy, Andrew Cook and Mark Karolkiewicz — braved a blizzard to ensure absentee ballots were delivered during this week’s state and local elections.

And in Wareham, MA, employees wore headlamps to prepare their mail for delivery after a blizzard knocked out power to the Post Office.

Carol Cabral, a letter carrier, took it in stride.

“Even when the weather is nice, it’s a hard job,” she said.

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