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Father sends daily postcards to kids

David Lasseter
David Lasseter is seen writing postcards in a recent “CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor” report. Image: CBS News

A Valdosta, GA, man is making headlines for the endearing way he communicates with his four children.

Every day, David Lasseter drops postcards in the mail for each of them — sending an estimated 20,000 cards during the past 20 years, the “CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor” reported this month.

It began in 1995 when Lasseter decided to mail his daughter, Sarah, a postcard the night he dropped her off at Notre Dame University.

“I cried [with] my whole family in the car when I left her,” he said. “And I missed her.”

Lasseter began sending postcards to his other children, too.

“You know, life gets tough, and it’s nice to know somebody loves you no matter what,” he said.

Sarah has saved all of her father’s postcards and hangs some of them on strings in her home. “There’s a whole lot of talk about gardening and football,” she said of what he typically writes.

Lasseter doesn’t know whether his children read every postcard, and it doesn’t matter.

He just hopes one message comes through loud and clear: “When I’m gone, they’ll know their daddy loved them,” he said.

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