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Rural reminder

Managers urged to promote lead program

Silverdale, WA, Rural Carrier Alfonso Cortez
Silverdale, WA, Rural Carrier Alfonso Cortez recently submitted a sales lead through the Rural Reach program.

The Postal Service is reminding carriers about Rural Reach, a sales lead generation program that encourages rural letter carriers to take advantage of their relationships with small-business customers to find new sources of revenue for USPS.

The organization wants managers and supervisors to deliver informational service talks to rural carriers every two weeks to keep them up to date on items that could help them talk to customers.

Also, rural carriers are being encouraged to carry lead cards with them at all times so that they never miss an opportunity to capture potential business.

USPS wants to emulate the success of Alfonso Cortez, a Silverdale, WA, rural carrier who recently noticed a new business opening on his route.

Cortez approached the owners and suggested they might be able to save money on shipping costs by using the Postal Service. He submitted a lead card on the owners’ behalf, which eventually led to new business for USPS.

The Sales Blue page has more information about Rural Reach and other initiatives that allow employees to submit sales leads.

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