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Lean Six Sigma helps employee improve health

Jason Hewitt and his son, Carter.
Jason Hewitt, a Charlotte, NC-based trainer for the Postal Service, stands with his son, Carter. Hewitt has incorporated Lean Six Sigma into his everyday life, including improving his physical health.

As far as Jason Hewitt is concerned, Lean Six Sigma isn’t just for the workplace.

USPS and other organizations around the world use the popular business methodology to boost efficiency and reduce waste.

Hewitt, a Charlotte, NC-based trainer for the Postal Service, has also found ways to incorporate Lean Six Sigma into his everyday life.

Last year, Hewitt used some of the major principles of Lean Six Sigma — including data analysis and improving processes — to lose excess weight and improve his health.

“I decided it would be an interesting experiment,” he said.

Hewitt first consulted his doctor, then began gathering data on his diet and physical activity.

He determined his body needed 92 grams of protein, 17 grams of carbohydrates and 53 grams of fat each day to lose half a pound a day.

Hewitt followed this model for one month and shed 27 pounds — a loss he has maintained with minimal variation.

“The experience demonstrated how Lean Six Sigma methodologies can work in your personal life,” said Hewitt, who recently wrote about his experience in a LinkedIn post.

Hewitt’s friends and family are impressed with his success. His wife, Allison, said his unique approach to getting healthier makes him “a role model” for others.

Hewitt emphasizes that this approach might not work for everyone, although he does encourage others to learn more about Lean Six Sigma and its benefits.

He notes that USPS offers more than 70 Lean Six Sigma courses through the Learning Management System. The Continuous Improvement Blue page has additional information.

“If you want the knowledge, it’s available,” Hewitt said.

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