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Nydra Levett, Bedford, OH; Charles Sonnenberg, Paradise, CA

Bedford, OH, Letter Carrier Nydra Levett
Bedford, OH, Letter Carrier Nydra Levett

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Ohio and California recently took extra steps out of concern for their customers.

Bedford, OH, Letter Carrier Nydra Levett contacted police when she noticed that mail was piling up at a woman’s home.

Responding officers discovered that the customer was deceased, with her dog by her side.

The animal was alive and needed care.

In Paradise, CA, City Carrier Assistant Charles Sonnenberg found a disabled man stranded on the floor of his home after a fall.

Sonnenberg helped the customer get up and alerted a supervisor.

Police were asked to check on the man, who declined medical attention.

A week later, another customer sought Sonnenberg’s help to move her disabled husband to their car for transportation to a medical facility.

Noticing that steps outside the home presented a safety hazard, Sonnenberg recommended that the woman call for an ambulance, which she did.

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