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Greater visibility

More businesses using new system

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Through the Informed Visibility platform, employees and customers can track the physical movement of mail in near-real-time.

The Postal Service wants more business customers to use the Informed Visibility analytics platform.

Informed Visibility shows the physical movement of letters and flats in near-real-time. The platform centralizes scanning data and other information from postal facilities and equipment from across the nation.

Business customers can use an external application, Informed Visibility Mail Tracking and Reporting, to access this information, allowing them to virtually follow their mailings through acceptance, processing and delivery.

Informed Visibility Mail Tracking and Reporting handles 1.1 billion mailpiece scans each day. The system provides tracking data for 1,500 users, about 40 percent more than the number who used an older system called IMb Tracing.

USPS retired the IMb Tracing system Dec. 31. In the preceding months, the organization worked with IMb Tracing users to move to the new system.

The Informed Visibility Mail Tracking and Reporting site has more information.

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