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Best practices: Staying up to date on USPS

White Plains, NY, Operations Programs Specialist Frankie Wright
White Plains, NY, Operations Programs Specialist Frankie Wright says it’s important for employees to stay updated on everything happening in the Postal Service.

Frankie Wright says knowledge is important to his job.

The White Plains, NY, operations programs specialist provides administrative support for dozens of USPS systems in Northeast Area’s Westchester District.

“There are always new tools and programs to improve USPS,” Wright says. “We’re the first in line to troubleshoot if anyone has a problem, so we need to understand them.”

Postal Service leaders say employees like Wright help the organization become better equipped to respond to customers’ needs, one of its core business strategies.

Wright has three tips for fellow employees:

• Stay in the know. Wright keeps up to date by reading Link, Area Updates, department emails, industry magazines and district sites.

• Create a support system. Wright credits mentors and colleagues who have provided him coaching, advice and a network to tap into when questions arise.

• Keep learning. “You really have to be a sponge,” says Wright, who recommends asking questions and seeking different resources to expand your knowledge.

“If you call me for assistance and I don’t have the answer, I will work to find one and get back to you,” he says. “You’re never alone in the Postal Service.”

“Best practices,” a series on employees who demonstrate on-the-job excellence, appears regularly in Link.

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