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Kathy Lucero, Humboldt, IA

Hero Kathy Lucero
Humboldt, IA, Rural Carrier Associate Kathy Lucero

The first time Humboldt, IA, Rural Carrier Associate Kathy Lucero saw a Postal Service customer walking a new puppy one day recently, everything was fine.

But when they later crossed paths again on Lucero’s route, a crisis erupted.

Two stray pit bulls bolted toward the woman and attacked her puppy, leaving her screaming for help as she struggled to protect it.

Lucero rushed to the customer’s aid and used dog repellant spray to fend off the aggressive animals, which retreated but soon returned with a third pit bull.

To ensure their safety, Lucero drove the customer and her puppy home.

The woman later contacted the local Post Office to express her gratitude for Lucero’s assistance.

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