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‘Fortune’ and fame

Employees receive attention after TV spots

Side-by-side shot of letter carrier holding dog and woman on "Wheel of Fortune" set
Richmond, VA, Letter Carrier Margarett Chase and her dog, Sophie Jo, and Ranson, WV, Letter Carrier Catherine “Catie” Arthur are receiving encouragement from employees and customers this week.

Two letter carriers who captured headlines last week — Catherine “Catie” Arthur, who competed on “Wheel of Fortune,” and Margarett Chase, whose dog, Sophie Jo, competed on “Puppy Bowl XIV” — say they’re surprised by the responses they’ve received.

‘You’re a celebrity now’

Arthur, a Ranson, WV, carrier, won a vacation trip to Aruba during her Jan. 29 appearance on the TV game show. She also gained local recognition.

“It’s funny. A lot of people were super excited about it. People say, ‘You’re a celebrity now,’” said Arthur, who gathered with family and friends at a restaurant to watch the broadcast.

The viewing party also attracted some of Arthur’s customers — including a few who were surprised to see her looking very different from the familiar letter carrier who delivers their mail each day.

“I’m always bundled up and wearing glasses. So some customers said, ‘I didn’t even recognize you.’”

Arthur, a budding musician, said she feels inspired by the entire experience.

“I had to put a lot into getting on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ I had to go to Washington, DC, and audition. It was pretty intense,” she said. “So if I can put that much effort into that, then I can definitely channel that kind of effort into other things I want to do.”

‘It was the most exciting experience’

Chase, a Richmond, VA, carrier, is thrilled that Sophie emerged a winner after her “Puppy Bowl XIV” appearance.

Sophie — a three-legged goldendoodle — was part of Team Fluff, which beat Team Ruff 52-47 during the Feb. 4 telecast.

She also came in second place in the show’s Underdog Award competition, and was gracious about losing to Mr. Wigglesworth, a shar-pei.

“For the animal lover that I am, it was the most exciting experience I have ever had,” said Chase, who added that she would love to volunteer for “Puppy Bowl” or coach a team in the future.

Link’s recent story about Sophie — who was beaten by her original owner and had her hind left leg amputated — touched readers, many of whom contacted Chase to offer their encouragement.

“I received tons of supportive messages from fellow employees, and the Post Office was phenomenal in giving me time off to participate,” Chase said.

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