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Best practices: Making customers feel valued

Howard Beach, NY, Retail Associate Ralph Bello
Howard Beach, NY, Retail Associate Ralph Bello says he strives to provide customers with whatever they need.

Ralph Bello understands the importance of good customer service.

The retail associate at Howard Beach Station in New York City strives to show each customer that he or she is valued.

“I believe that customers want to feel important and relevant,” Bello says.

Postal Service leaders say employees like Bello help improve customers’ experiences, one of the organization’s core business strategies.

Bello, who plans to retire this month, has three tips for his fellow employees:

• Be friendly. “I treat every customer with a smile and respect. My job, as I see it, is to make sure they will return to my Post Office for whatever their needs may be,” Bello says.

• Keep it clean. Make sure the retail counter and lobby are neat and tidy.

• Be knowledgeable. By knowing USPS products and services, you can help customers make the right mailing decisions.

Bello says it all comes down to providing customers with whatever they need.

“When a customer leaves my window, they should be sure that whatever service I provided was exactly what they needed,” he says.

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