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Dear John

Pop star asks fans to write, mail him letters

John Mayer playing guitar
John Mayer, who wants to receive typewritten letters from fans, performs in Wantagh, NY, last year. Image: Scott Roth, Associated Press

John Mayer is a fan of typewriters — and if you’re a fan of John Mayer, then you have a chance to become his pen pal.

The pop star recently took to Instagram to invite people to write him letters — on a typewriter — and mail them to him.

“2018: a return to naturalism. Let’s correspond. Real paper. Real ink. Real names,” Mayer wrote. He also provided a mailing address and stated he’ll respond to a few letters “every morning,” adding that overseas fans should include a “return envelope/postage.”

Mayer is a typewriter enthusiast who appeared in California Typewriter,” a 2017 documentary about the machines.

The reaction on social media to his mail request has been overwhelmingly positive, with many fans expressing fond memories involving typewriters.

“I loved playing on my dad’s work typewriter as a kid,” wrote a Facebook user. “I even got one for Christmas one year!”

Others posted about their plans to rescue old machines from attics or to search online for refurbished typewriters.

Here’s the address Mayer provided for anyone wishing to take him up on his offer: PO Box 3784, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

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