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Mark Seto, Brownsville, PA; Julie Dunlap, Enumclaw, WA

Brownsville, PA, Letter Carrier Mark Seto
Brownsville, PA, Letter Carrier Mark Seto

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Pennsylvania and Washington recently responded to customers in distress.

In Brownsville, PA, Letter Carrier Mark Seto was on a steep hill when he heard a man calling out for help.

The customer’s truck was rolling backward and he was outside hanging on to the door, struggling to reach the brake.

Seto rushed to the man’s aid and safely helped him stop the runaway vehicle.

In Enumclaw, WA, an older wheelchair-bound woman approached Rural Carrier Julie Dunlap in a state of panic, indicating that a man who’d just moved into the residence was stealing from her.

The man came soon came outside and told Dunlap to leave, adding that the woman has dementia.

Dunlap later alerted the local adult protective services agency, to help ensure that the customer is not being victimized.

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