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Shoppers want shipping options, study finds

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More than two-thirds of online consumers expect free, two-day shipping, a new study has found.

Consumers who shop online want to get their merchandise delivered quickly and for free, new research shows.

More than two-thirds of online shoppers expect free shipping, even if the item costs less than $50, according to a study last week by the National Retail Federation, the industry’s largest trade group.

Thirty-eight percent of online shoppers said they expect free, two-day shipping, while 24 percent expect free same-day delivery.

USPS has expanded its shipping options for business customers in recent years, including investing in new package-sorting equipment, adding Sunday deliveries in select areas, improving scanning capabilities and bolstering its merchandise return service.

“Whether it’s next-day or pickup-in-store, quick delivery of online purchases at little or no extra charge is growing so fast that it’s something shoppers are coming to expect,” said Mark Matthews, a federation vice president.

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