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Donald Gray, Walton, NY

Hero Donald Gray
Walton, NY, Letter Carrier Donald Gray

Letter Carrier Donald Gray recently brought help and hope to two older Postal Service customers while delivering mail in Walton, NY.

Gray first heard a tapping noise at a woman’s house and soon spotted her hand touching a front window.

He investigated, saw that she was collapsed on the floor, and heard her faintly say that she’d fallen several hours earlier.

Finding the front and back doors locked, Gray called 911 and stayed on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

A few weeks later, Gray found a note attached to a man’s mailbox. The message indicated that the customer was in distress and asked the letter carrier to contact a pastor for him.

Gray alerted the local Postmaster, who called police, and checked on the man, who appeared to be confused and at risk for self-harm.

Gray stayed with him until police officers arrived.

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