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The list: 5 more USPS IT facts you didn’t know

USPS Information Technology supports and maintains more than 12,500 smartphones.

Surprised by our recent look at the Postal Service’s super-sized computer network? Hang onto your hats, because we’re about to blow your minds again, courtesy of Postal Facts.

1. The Postal Service’s lines are open. Information Technology supports and maintains more than 12,500 smartphones and 400,000 phone lines in nearly 32,000 facilities.

2. Information Technology is crucial to retail. Nationwide, IT supports 45,000 point-of-sale terminals and more than 2,800 self-service retail kiosks.

3. Technology helps employees stay cybersecure. Every month, nearly 1.5 million spam emails are blocked. This includes more than 400,000 that are blocked due to content and 21,000 that are blocked due to malware attempts.

4. One word: “Plastic.” More than 381 million credit and debit card transactions are processed in Post Offices and through annually.

5. USPS has online views by the billions. The Postal Service’s main site,, maintained and updated by IT, had 10 billion page views in 2016.

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