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Candid camera

Video captures employee’s good deed

man in front of flag
Hot Springs, AR, Letter Carrier Steven “J.R.” Reynolds says he has “a lot of respect for the flag, my country and my customers.”

A Hot Springs, AR, letter carrier was recently caught on video making the Postal Service proud.

Steven “J.R.” Reynolds was delivering mail after a storm when he noticed a U.S. flag had been blown off a house.

Reynolds, who works at Albert Pike Station, retrieved the flag and placed it back on the house. He then continued on his route, unaware that a security camera had recorded the incident.

Later, after the homeowner reviewed the security video and saw what Reynolds had done, he posted it on Facebook with a comment: “My mailman is a patriot. The storm last night blew our flag over and the mailman put it up.”

The video has become a hit on social media. (Some employees may be unable to watch external videos on postal computers.)

Reynolds’ co-workers said they aren’t surprised by his actions. “J.R. is just that type of person,” Postmaster Danny Phillips said.

Tom Billington, Arkansas District’s acting manager, said Reynolds exemplifies “thousands of professional, dedicated carriers in our workforce who … go the extra mile for the customers they serve.”

Reynolds has a simple explanation for what he did.

“I have a lot of respect for the flag, my country and my customers,” he said.

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