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Switched gears

Employee goes extra mile for USPS

Postal employee sits on his bike
Ange Lungunu, a postal support employee in Columbia, MO, shows off his bike.

Ange Lungunu isn’t afraid to go an extra mile — or 13 — for his job.

The Columbia, MO, Processing and Distribution Center recently hired Lungunu as a postal support employee to help process mail.

Lungunu, who was born in Africa and raised in Paris, has lived in the United States for only two years.

When his car broke down a few weeks ago, he walked one-and-a-half miles to a department store, purchased a bicycle and rode it to work.

“In Paris, we always use bicycles for transportation so I knew that riding 13 miles to work would not be a problem,” he said.

This diligence impresses Plant Manager Alan Sommers, who said Lungunu is always on time, has a great attitude and catches on quickly.

“You hear of people going the extra mile, but I’ve never heard of anyone riding a bicycle 13 miles to avoid being late,” Sommers said.

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