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Jacqueline Shoupe, Jacksboro, TN

Woman in green shirt
Jacksboro, TN, Rural Carrier Associate Jacqueline Shoupe

Jacksboro, TN, Rural Carrier Associate Jacqueline Shoupe was delivering mail recently when she noticed something amiss at a disabled customer’s home.

The front curtain was torn down and the woman was waving frantically, trying to get Shoupe’s attention.

Upon closer inspection, the Postal Service employee saw the customer’s caregiver lying on the floor, and the customer — who is unable to walk — couldn’t get to a phone.

Finding all the doors locked, Shoupe alerted a neighbor and called 911.

Emergency responders took the caregiver to a hospital for treatment of a broken hip she’d suffered in a fall that had left her stranded for several hours.

“If Jackie hadn’t been there and alert to her surroundings, this could have had a very different outcome,” local Postmaster Valerie Richardson said.

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