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King among men

The list: 4 stamp offerings that celebrate MLK

Four MLK stamps on a background
Stamps that honor Martin Luther King Jr. include, clockwise from left, a 1979 Black Heritage stamp, a 1999 Celebrate the Century stamp, the 2013 March on Washington stamp, and Montgomery Bus Boycott, one of 10 To Form a More Perfect Union offerings from 2005.

Here are four stamp offerings that honor Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights leader whose birthday will be observed Monday, Jan. 15:

1. Black Heritage: Martin Luther King Jr. In 1979, a 15-cent stamp — the second in the Black Heritage series — was issued to honor King.

2. I Have a Dream. King’s famous 1963 speech, which called for economic and civil rights and an end to racism, was the subject of a 33-cent Celebrate the Century stamp in 1999.

3. To Form a More Perfect Union. In 2005, the great orator’s quote and portrait were featured on a pane of 10 37-cent stamps that recognized those who fought for civil rights. King was associated with most of the events illustrated, including the Greensboro lunch counter sit-in, the Montgomery bus boycott and the Selma to Montgomery march.

4. March on Washington. This 2013 stamp commemorated the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom — a milestone in the civil rights movement that became the setting of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

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