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Winter’s blast

Employees delivering despite harsh weather

Postal worker loads vehicle as wind blows heavy snow
Frank Mancuso, a letter carrier at the Ozone Park, NY, Post Office, loads a delivery vehicle during heavy snowfall last week.

USPS is moving the mail despite harsher-than-usual winter weather across much of the nation, including rare snow in the South, bone-chilling temperatures in the Midwest and a ferocious blizzard in the Northeast.

Post Offices have suspended operations in some locations along the East Coast, which has been hit with snow, ice and heavy winds. Officials said the organization is making every reasonable effort to deliver mail, although they emphasized employee and customer safety is always the top priority.

Many postal workers say they’re up for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

“It is a bit colder than I like, but when I plan ahead the weather is no problem,” said St. Louis Letter Carrier Bill Brodtrick as he delivered mail in 6-degree temperatures last week. “I make sure to drink water to keep my system going, and I bundle up. I find it best to just keep moving.”

Employees are also rolling with the punches in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, where some communities received their first snow in decades.

“We have never had this much snow, but to see everybody in a pleasant mood is encouraging,” said Douglas, GA, Postmaster Damita Gaskins.

The Postal Service is encouraging customers in affected areas to check the USPS Service Alerts site for the latest updates. Customers are also being asked to clear their walkways and mailboxes, while employees are being reminded to dress warmly and drive carefully.

It’s the kind of advice that St. Clair Shores, MI, Letter Carrier Lisa Terczak takes to heart.

“I wear layers of clothing [and] I drive slowly knowing it may take extra time to finish my route,” she said. “But I will finish.”

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