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Right on time

Employees spread up-to-the-minute cheer

Woman, girl and Santa
Customers receive a Christmas delivery from Fort Worth, TX, Letter Carrier Mike Jones, who dressed appropriately.

It’s another USPS holiday tradition: In cities across the nation last week, employees ensured customers received their last-minute packages.

In Tampa, FL, a team of employees delivered packages Christmas morning.

“Seeing people’s faces and the joy of seeing another gift coming in was really neat,” Letter Carrier Mark Lash told Bay News 9, a local cable network.

In some cities, employees even donned holiday costumes to make deliveries. One example: Fort Worth, TX, Letter Carrier Mike Jones, who dressed as Santa Claus.

USPS expected to deliver more than 15 billion mailpieces between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This included an estimated 850 million packages — up more than 10 percent from last year’s holiday volumes.

Customers said they appreciated the holiday dedication of postal employees.

“Sometimes they’re waiting for me at the door when I drive up,” Minneapolis Letter Carrier Missy Kittok told the local ABC station. “I can definitely tell people are counting on [us].”

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