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Summer storms

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Letter carrier delivering mail in hurricane aftermath
Houston Rural Carrier Associate Gloria Jones delivers mail and packages in August, soon after Hurricane Harvey ravaged a neighborhood on her route.

Hurricane season arrived during the summer, bringing with it three devastating storms.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria battered the Gulf Coast and Caribbean, causing hardships for some employees, damaging some facilities and disrupting service.

In a message after the storms, PMG Megan J. Brennan expressed her gratitude to employees.

“Not only am I thankful for your efforts to get postal operations back up and running, but I also am impressed by the resilience and compassion you have shown during these difficult times. I could not be prouder to lead this postal team,” she wrote.

Also during the July 1-Sept. 30 period, USPS and the National Association of Letter Carriers signed a new labor deal that covers more than 200,000 employees, while the American Postal Workers Union ratified a contract covering 1,100 more workers.

On the business front, USPS continued to promote new products and services. During National Postal Customer Council Week, postal leaders discussed USPS innovations like Informed Delivery.

The area leaders also spent the summer preparing for peak season, including devising strategies to strengthen scanning, service and safety procedures.

Additionally, the Postal Service used the summer to release more popular stamps, including offerings that honor Father Theodore Hesburgh, the University of Notre Dame’s longest serving president, and Disney Villains.

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