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Here to help

yr Hero 2 coworkers
Honolulu Mail Handler Equipment Operator Adam Quiles Jr.

Postal Service employees were recognized throughout 2017 for moments when co-workers needed a heroic helping hand.

Dodge City, KS, Letter Carrier Rex Romesburg was among those who performed the Heimlich maneuver on co-workers who were choking.

Others, like Adam Quiles Jr., a mail handler equipment operator in Honolulu, rushed to the aid of co-workers injured on the job.

Elbert Baldwin got help for a fellow custodian in Houston who experienced a medical emergency, while five Papillion, NE, Post Office employees rallied around a tractor trailer operator during his medical crisis on the loading dock.

In Williamsville, NY, Letter Carrier Rene Brown spotted a stroke victim collapsed on a front lawn and soon realized he was a fellow carrier at home on leave.

Jacksonville, FL, Customer Services Supervisor Danovan Wright and Philadelphia Letter Carrier Gary Booz performed life-saving CPR on co-workers who suffered heart attacks.

“I know without Gary on the work floor, I wouldn’t be here,” Retail Associate Lynette Wilmer later told a Philadelphia TV station.

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