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Informed Delivery emails offer package info

ID tracking
Informed Delivery now allows users to track package deliveries, leave delivery instructions and schedule redeliveries.

The Postal Service has added package tracking information to the emails that Informed Delivery users receive.

The tracking information appears below the letter-size mailpiece images in the “daily digest” emails. This information is also available on the Informed Delivery online dashboard and app.

In addition to tracking packages through Informed Delivery, users can leave delivery instructions and schedule redeliveries from the online dashboard.

“Our customers can use their Informed Delivery emails to see the delivery status of their incoming packages and when they’re scheduled to arrive,” said Product Innovation VP Gary Reblin. “It’s another example of how Informed Delivery is meeting customers’ needs.”

The addition of package information is the latest expansion for Informed Delivery, which USPS rolled out nationwide this year.

The Postal Service recently began inviting PO Box customers — in addition to residential consumers — to sign up for the free feature, which currently has more than 7 million users.

Employees can sign up for Informed Delivery at Sign-up is voluntary and must be completed off the clock.

More information is available from the Informed Delivery sites on Blue, LiteBlue and, as well as a Dec. 21 news release.

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