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Thomas Kinn, Waterloo, IA; Franz Ibarra, Sacramento, CA

Waterloo, IA, Letter Carrier Thomas Kinn
Waterloo, IA, Letter Carrier Thomas Kinn

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Iowa and California recently came to the aid of older customers who fell.

Waterloo, IA, Letter Carrier Thomas Kinn was worried about a woman who hadn’t picked up her mail in several days. He enlisted the help of a neighbor and they knocked on doors and windows until determining that the woman was stranded in a bathroom.

After they rushed inside and discovered that the woman had fallen in a bathtub, Kinn and the neighbor helped her get to a chair, called 911 and rendered first aid until emergency responders arrived.

In Sacramento, CA, Letter Carrier Franz Ibarra encountered a woman recovering from brain surgery who took a spill during a walk with her husband.

Because the man couldn’t lift his wife on his own, Ibarra helped her get up and into the couple’s home.

The man, Gerald Thomas, later mailed a letter of thanks to the local Post Office.

“We have lived in this neighborhood for over 45 years, and have the good fortune to be served by many wonderful carriers,” he wrote. “Thank you all for your service.”

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