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Therese Valentine, Atlanta, MI

Woman with postmark stamper
Atlanta, MI, Retail Associate Therese Valentine

Retail Associate Therese Valentine recently grew worried about an older customer who had stopped by the Atlanta, MI, Post Office to pick up his mail.

The man didn’t look well, and he told Valentine he was experiencing chest pains.

She advised him to get help immediately, but instead he left the Post Office, planning to alert his wife at home and then drive to his physician’s office — 45 minutes away.

After sharing her concerns with local Postmaster Joni Srebnik, Valentine checked the parking lot and found the customer in his car. Again she urged him to seek immediate care instead of risking a longer trip on his own.

This time, the man agreed with Valentine’s suggestion and was soon taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment of a heart attack.

“I am very proud of her thoughtfulness,” Srebnik said. “She displays her dedication to her job and customers daily, and she definitely promotes a positive image for the Postal Service.”

The customer recovered and later returned to his normal routine at the Post Office, with one addition at first: taking time to thank Valentine for making a life-saving difference.

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