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Charlie Bradford, New Orleans

Hero Charlie Bradford
New Orleans Letter Carrier Charlie Bradford

Letter Carrier Charlie Bradford was recently delivering mail in New Orleans when his day was disrupted by an SUV speeding in the wrong direction on a one-way street.

The SUV crashed into several parked vehicles before coming to a stop, with the driver trapped inside.

The man kicked out a window but couldn’t extricate himself, so Bradford instinctively rushed in to pull him to safety.

Bradford barely had a chance to ask the driver if he was OK before he fled the scene on foot.

The Postal Service employee soon learned that the man was the suspect in a nearby home invasion during which he allegedly robbed a resident at gunpoint, taking the victim’s wallet and car keys before escaping in the SUV.

Bradford told the local NBC station that he was simply trying to be a good citizen.

“Even if something would have happened, it’s a life,” he said. “I did my part as a human being.”

The suspect was not apprehended.

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